Who am I?

Hey There!

I'm Nikki, the inquisitive explorer behind this travel blog. I've spent most of my life in search of having more experiences and excitement. I've discovered Adventure can be found through various forms and degrees. Join me as I bring you personalized adventure selection advice, travel tips, techniques to help you make the most out of every venture and still keep living the life you love. Expect to see lots of written and video blog posts. Coming soon: virtual meetups and adventure retreats.

I’m a constant optimist, devoted learner, educator and seeker of my next pair of original dangling earrings. My most delighted days are spent in pursuit of being a tourist in my own backyard of Austin, TX, wandering elsewhere for the most bewitching water views and when I’m home in my yoga pants reading a book with a lap full of my fur babies.

So Adventure...

What are you looking for?