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I'm Nikki Yeager

I’m a constant optimist, inquisitive explorer and seeker of my next pair of original dangling earrings. My most delighted days are spent in pursuit of being a tourist in my own backyard of Austin, TX, wandering elsewhere for the most bewitching water views and when I’m home in my yoga pants reading a book with a lap full of my fur babies.

I wasn’t always a blogger, entrepreneur or adventure enthusiast. A few years back, I was struggling with the overwhelm of TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY NOT ENOUGH EXCITEMENT.

Have you ever felt OLDER than your years & so DULL? I was the girl who felt like she was in her golden years when I had actually just stepped into my 30s. OH NO was being 30 actually OLD like I thought as a teenager?? Were you the girl who couldn’t remember the last time she had done something FUN? Or if you did, you knew it was more than a year ago maybe even back in college. No one wants to count back how long that was…am I right? YIKES!

I felt GUILT for wanting just a bit more time for ME and you know what…I wasn’t doing a thing to change it. Instead, I was obsessed and numbing myself by binge watching anything with tiny houses, location independent lifestyles, living abroad looking for any way to ESCAPE to live the carefree life (you know what I mean don’t you?...it is everywhere on TV shows, social media, etc.). (Big sigh) I was honest I knew none of those options felt quite right for me. I had NO clue where to start when it came to adding in ADVENTURE but I did know that something had to CHANGE.

But Now...

I live in a city I love (Austin, TX BABY!!!) in a home that is scaled perfectly for my family and lifestyle. By making conscious, deliberate choices, I have freed up not just physical space in my home and on my calendar but mental space to allow the spark of adventure to become a constant ALLY. Adventure and I are like two BFFs who talk at least weekly but never go more than a few days without checking in. Just like any great friendship what you experience is deep belly LAUGHTER, EXHILARATION from the experience, BALANCE from trying times of being an Adult, FREEDOM to be more of MYSELF and reclaim some of the CAREFREE youth I thought was lost.

Most days you can find me splitting my time between:

  • Sipping hot tea in front of my laptop dreaming up ways I can help other women figure out how to balance their own life responsibilities with their desire to be a bit carefree.
  • Exploring my hometown looking for a piece of scenery to connect with nature while plotting my quest for the next gluten free food obsession…right now it is CUPCAKES!
  • Spending quality time with my charming husband where we can be cozy yet still belly laugh at each other.

Here are eight things you might not know about me:

Bucket List

The Mission:

To inspire and teach women to embrace the EXPLORER within, DO EXPERIENCES to feel ALIVE and VIBRANT while living the life you love.

Join me as I bring you personalized adventure selection advice, travel tips, techniques to help you make the most out of every venture and still keep living the life you love. Expect to see lots of written and video blog posts. Coming soon: virtual meetups and adventure retreats. The thrills and accessibility of adventure is not limited to just those on a gap year, full- time travelers or adrenaline junkies.

If you…

  • Want MORE EXPERIENCES AND LESS STUFF but have NO idea where to start.
  • Want to start to bring more ME TIME in your life but the thought of finding space in your calendar gives you a headache.
  • Don’t know how you got here, feel you lost yourself along the way and are ready to find out who you really are.
  • Wonder why you are no longer thrilled about the life you once loved and are afraid someone will find out this secret.
  • Want to know how to experience more FUN by prioritizing adventure and not be limited to once a year or less.
  • Want to keep relishing the privileges of being a Grown, Matured Woman but want to reclaim some of the carefreeness of youth.
  • Want to turn the ADVENTURE you have been dreaming about in to reality but you worry about what others or that one particular person (you know who I mean) will say about it.


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