Hello Friends and Adventure Enthusiasts!

Ok, I know the word ENTHUSIAST is a strong word but it is the right word.  Trust me!  Anyway, back to adventure. It is a word that most people have heard of, social media throws around, and there might be confusion around what it is exactly.  It is time to clear that up.

What does it mean?

If you take the research approach and look up the meaning, adventure is:

a bold undertaking, in which hazards are to be encountered, and the issue is staked upon unforeseen events; a daring feat.

I like that definition but it is a bit formal for my taste. So, I’m going to jazz it up with what it means to me.  Here goes!

Adventure is finding the explorer within, stepping out of your comfort zone to break your routine to do experiences to feel alive, vibrant and create stories you can’t help but share; some activities will be bold/daring while others will allow you to simply recover a bit of the carefree play needed by all and will just stretch your perception of where you belong in the world.

I don’t know about you but I prefer the second one. It makes the thrills of adventure not just limited to those on a gap year, full- time travelers or adrenaline junkies. Adventure is available for those who seek it in the way that best energizes them and fit in to their life. 

Why you need it?

Here is the thing:  being an adult can be hard and we easily get stuck in a rut.  Adventure is here to shake up and spice up your life!

The perks you dreamed about when you were a teenager of being an adult are true.  You can stay up as late as you want.  You can eat dessert every day. You want to make your own decisions.  You couldn’t wait to get out on your own so the FUN could begin! However, there was one thing you never considered:  RESPONSIBILITIES like needing money for all the FUN stuff, keeping your family alive or running errands.  I will say it again BEING AN ADULT IS HARD!

Now, did you know we are creatures of HABIT and ROUTINE?  We are actually wired in our brains to do routines over and over.  I’m not here to say give up all routines (can’t live without my morning routine and daily walks).  There is a point in everyone’s life when living it on REPEAT becomes stale.  What I want you to know is that it isn’t your fault that you keep get stuck doing the same old thing or your life gets on autopilot. 

Like my definition states, adventure is here to break up the routine, help us feel alive and vibrant so we can keep being smiling adults. 

Adventure is NOT limited to…

going to a different country, an exotic destination, conquering a fear but about the best way to energize yourself with excitement in that moment whether it is a new experience or not.

Don’t get me wrong I love to travel to new places and do things I have never done before. I would spend all of my money on it and my bucket list is filled with exactly that. There is exhilaration to that can’t be beat. No question about it!

Adventure can be found…

trying an old favorite in a new way.

My husband and I love to do the classic dinner and a movie for date night. I know it may seem LAME but hear me out. It is a way we relive our first date and some of our favorite courting days together. Can I get an AWWW?  Every outing is an adventure for us! We are that corny couple together and we don’t care.  So, how do we keep it fresh and exciting? We change up the restaurant, the type of food and sometimes the theater.  We have even gone to the drive in a few times. We find unique ways to keep our dinner and a movie something we keep coming back to.

You can do the same in your life. What is a favorite activity that you can look at or experience in a new way? 

When you return to a beloved place because you know exactly what you need is there.

Everyone has a few favorite activities, places or things that they could do a thousand times and still not be sick of it.  My mom has always been a Disney super fan and is to this day. When I was a kid, she took our family every year to Disneyland without fail and even got a speeding ticket once (she just couldn’t get there fast enough). Even after what seemed like the millionth time, our family including me would be so excited to get there and totally bummed when it was time to head home.  We knew we were going to have so much fun-the rides & shows-disappearing in to this magical place for the day and being carefree.  Every time we went it was unique but we always left feeling renewed from being a kid for the day.  As an adult, I have returned many times because I need to be a kid now more than ever. 

Definitely, you must always include a few favorite adventures in your life.  There are times we need to go somewhere familiar but exciting at the same time. 

The spirit of adventure has such a wide range of activities and places you can go with it. If this way of looking at it is new for you, it is time to change how you think about it.  Open the doors of your mind just a crack.  It is meant to be experienced in a variety of ways by everyone and not just once a year.

Are you feeling the itch to dust off your bucket list, discover what adventure can do for you or which one is right for you?

Start where you are-but start.  What is one tiny step you could take today to break the routine and find a bit of adventure?

Need help getting started?  I got you covered.

Check out the Blog for tips and travel inspiration.

Lastly, you know what that itching feeling is? It is the first spark of becoming an Adventure Enthusiast. See I told you it was the right word and you are in the right place.

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