Big Adventure to Austin: Part 1

Why we moved to Austin TX?  Check it out

Hello Adventure Friends!

Today, I want to talk to you about the big adventure that lead my family and I to Austin, TX a little over a year ago.  My hope is you learn a bit more about me (always up for a challenge, not afraid to adjust the picture & enjoy the ride) and why Austin is our backyard. 

So, the journey to this big, beautiful city actually began about five years ago. My husband had just finished an accelerated master’s program.  After celebrating his hard work, we sat down to have “THE TALK” of where did we see ourselves in 5 years and what did that life look like? This is a talk which is not unusual for us. We check in with each other often to make sure our goals are still aligned and each of us is getting our needs met in the life we chose to share together. Hubby surprised me by saying “I think it is time to move to a bigger city with warmer weather please!”

A bit of back story

It is important to note, I was raised in southern California (San Diego) and ended up moving to a small town in West Virginia (don’t worry if you forgot that it is a state…most people think I meant western Virginia) during my teenage years.  Are you wondering how I ended up there? That isn’t important right now (if you are interested, let me know in the comments) but I was cultured shocked for many years.  Honestly, I never really felt like I fully fit in there. Don’t get me wrong, I love WV for many reasons: family & friends left behind, beautiful mountains, and it is where I met my hubby. Because I never felt fully at home there and missed the warmer weather of my youth, I dreamed of moving to a bigger, beautiful city with lots of sunshine and water. My hubby was born and raised in a small town in WV.  He never really saw himself leaving and he loved experiencing all of the four seasons.  Since he is just so charming, I agreed to stay put but made him promise to take me traveling often to other places. Going to bigger cities or warmer climates were a must.

Why these two lovebirds moved to Austin TX?  Check it out

Throwback 2007 on our honeymoon…we were just babies then

Back to the story

Now, do you see why I was so shocked to hear those words come out of his mouth? After talking about his realization, we knew three things had changed that opened his mind to the possibility of a new hometown.  (1)Through our trips over the first five years of our marriage, he had started to realize that there were other places in the country and world he might feel comfortable living. (2) He turned the big 3-0 and realized the cold winters were starting to hurt (OUCH bad knee).  (3) Our current city had limited job opportunities in the technology field. He knew to continue growing his career that he would most likely have to move or be STUCK. Since I knew this decision was not just about what I wanted (even though I know he would do anything for me…being a great wife means I never abuse my power), we took a deep breath, looked at each other and said “are we ready for this?” The rest of the journey is a bit of a blur.  Lots of asking each other “so where do you think we should move?”

How did Austin, TX jump to the top list? Check out Part 2 of the story.

What big decision are you waiting to make?  Share in the comments; I want to hear about it.

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Adventure Story | What is it like to prepare for a BIG adventure?  Preparing & choosing a new hometown is no joke.  Check out my article for the full story of our move to Austin, TX. Click here to read the article.


Hi Nikki! Thanks so much for sharing this story with the world. It does connect with me on a personal level as I have experienced such an adventure myself. I’m originally from Puerto Rico, in 2011 I got married to my beautiful wife Marisa and started a journey that is still going today. She was finishing her master’s program in Dayton,OH and right after we said “I do” it was off to Ohio smack in the middle of winter. There were a lot of firsts; first time experiencing snow, first time switching languages to one that I didn’t use daily, first time living together, first time not having family or friends close, and many other. People say change is how your grow and it is hard at first bu gets better, and this was exactly the experience for me but we also had fun doing it. We found good jobs, moved from a smaller apartment to a bigger apartment to buying our first house on our own. We surrounded ourselves with friends that are still family to this day and learned how to play in the snow. As time passed we got into a routine that slowly became monotonous, most of our friends moved on to other states and countries to pursue their dreams and slowly we were once more alone in a foreign country, in a state that even as beautiful as it was in the summers wasn’t exactly for us. With only our jobs tying us down we decided to move, looking for better weather, a more diverse city, and with a lot of opportunity, we landed in Austin,TX. We already had a few friends here and with an average of 228 sunny days it was a no-brainer, we are sun loving people and really do not like winter weather, maybe only at Christmas. We have been happily growing, sharing experiences here and hopefully we can call Austin our home for years to come. This journey has taught me the power of perseverance, accountability, love, hard work, friendship, and most importantly adapting to change. Diving into the unknown will often create a shift and open up new perspectives that will help us rise up and take advantage of these new opportunities in life. My life is not perfect and as Austin gets bigger and bigger there is definite pressure in making more money and supporting our way of life, but again this is a change and an opportunity for growth. I’m happy that I have my wife, family and friends to support me through this extended adventure that we call life, one thing that the journey has taught me so far is that when we are brave enough to play outside of our comfort zone good and sustainable things happen, and what is life if you are not poked every now and then with something new and unexpected. Thanks Nikki, keep on adventuring!

Hector, I’m so happy my story resonated with you! You have definitely not been afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and sounds like the journey has already taught you so much. Keep me posted on your next “something new and unexpected.” You keep adventuring as well!

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