Nikki's Adventures

Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet, TX

Hey there Adventure Friends! With this being our second year in Austin, my husband and I are embracing the Texas ...
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How Finding Bluebonnets Turned into An Adventure

Hey Adventure Friends! Sometimes, an adventure can sneak up on you. I am a planner. I'm only spontaneous about 45% ...
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Why You Should Visit Desert Door Distillery

Hey Adventure Friends! Earlier this month, my husband and I were up for trying something a little different (got to ...
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Big Adventure to Austin: Part 2

Hello Adventure Friends! I hope you are ready for the continued story of our journey to Austin, TX.  Did you ...
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Big Adventure to Austin: Part 1

Hello Adventure Friends! Today, I want to talk to you about the big adventure that lead my family and I ...
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Hey There

I'm Nikki Yeager.

I love original dangling earrings, being a tourist in my own backyard, searching for beautiful water views & working from home in my yoga pants with a lap full of my fur babies.  My mission?  To inspire others to embrace the explorer within, do experiences to feel alive & vibrant while living the life you love.